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Minnesota Property Tax Refund Program - August 15 filing deadline
Options for homeowners and renters

The 2022 Minnesota Property Tax Refund and Renters Refund Programs are now open. Homeowners and renters are reminded to file for their 2022 property tax refund before the August 15, 2023 deadline. Claims for 2023 refunds can be filed from now until August 15, 2024.

Information and tips:
  • Find out if you qualify for a property tax refund. Renters and homeowners that meet certain requirements may be eligible. Visit Minnesota Department of Revenue to see if you qualify, or type 'property tax refund' into the Search box.
  • Homeowners can file for free. Eligible homeowners can use the department’s electronic filing system to file their property tax refund for free. Check to see if you qualify to use this free service. Renters can file through tax preparer software or paper submission.
  • Include the right information. Renters must include the Certificate of Rent Paid form issued by their landlord in January. Homeowners should make sure to use the information from their property tax statements issued by their county each spring.
  • Direct deposit. Direct deposit is the most secure way to get your refund. Make sure your banking information is active and up-to-date when filing your return.
  • Track your refund. You can track where your property tax refund is in the process by using the Where’s My Refund? system. The system will show you which of the four stages your refund is in and whether you need to take any action to allow us to complete the processing of your refund. You will see the date your refund was issued when it is finished processing.
  • Check out this short tax tip video about filing for your property tax refund.
Senior citizens in need of property tax relief may qualify for the Property Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens which allows them to defer a portion of the property taxes they owe each year. Learn more about the Property Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens.
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